There's a host of new John Deere tractors for sale at Eglinton Bros. Ranging from the versatile workhorse in the 5E Series through to the top of the class 9RX Series with serious pulling power and power to the ground. We also have a wide range of mowers to suit residential, commercial and golf club use.

Utility Tractors

John Deere 5E - 5R Series tractors

The 5 series tractors range from 55hp to125hp. Encompassing a total of 12 models, the smaller model 5 Series will suit small scale and part-time farmers.

The later model 5 Series are loaded with enough power and versatility to handle all of your heavy loads during stock feeding, mowing, baling, towing feed mixers or slurry tankers. Find out more about 5 Series tractors.

John Deere 6D - 6RC Series tractors

The 6 Series tractors range from 100hp to 195hp. The 6MC Series & 6RC Series concentrate the capabilities and qualities of bigger tractors into a more compact and manoeuvrable format and come in 2WD or 4WD with a choice of transmissions. Find out more about 6 Series tractors.

John Deere 6115D utility tractor

Row-Crop Tractors

The John Deere Row Crop Tractors range in size from 148hp to 400hp. Many of the models are Greenstar™ ready, allowing you the opportunity to utilise John Deere's range of guidance solutions and the JDLink™ information management system.

John Deere 6R Series Row-Crop tractors

The 6R Series Row-Crop tractors range in size from 145hp to 215hp, incorporating the ComfortView™ cab and an Intelligent Power Management System for long days. Check out the 6R Series Row-Crop tractors here.

John Deere 7R Series Row-Crop tractors

The 7R Series Row-Crop tractors span between 210hp to 310 engine horsepower. The marriage of our Intelligent Management System (IPM) and e23™ PowerShift Transmission and Efficiency Manager™ allows you to get maximum power while controlling input costs. Make your way to our 7R Series Row-Crop tractors here.

John Deere 8R Series Row-Crop tractors

The 8R Series Row-Crop tractors range between 235 and 400 horsepower. Using the PowerTech PSS 9.0L (549 cu inch) engine, this series bristles with power and efficiency and delivers consistent grunt over a wide range of rpm's. Check out the range of 8R Series Row-Crop tractors here.

John Deere 6250R Euro Spec Row-Crop tractor_right view

4WD & Track Tractors

The 9R/9RT/9RX tractors offer up 23 models to choose from, including wheeled, track and scraper-special. They are built to cover more acres in less time while pulling a host of implements through a variety of conditions.

John Deere 9 Series tractors

Outfitted with the CommandView™ III cab, the 9 Series tractors deliver more space, comfort and convenience than before. Ranging from 370 to 620hp, the 9 Series tractors feature a new and improved e18™ transmission with Efficiency Manager™ providing a smooth shifting power shift with an additional automatic mode.

John Deere 9370R 4WD tractor
John Deere 9570RT track tractor

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Ride-On Mowers

John Deere Ride-On & Zero Turn Mowers

Our ride-on mowers offer a choice of mulching, bagging or side discharge of lawn trimmings, 4-wheel steering, 2WD or 4WD. Our zero-turn mowers range in size from a 42 to 62 inch deck.

John Deere Front Mowers & Wide Area Mowers

You can mow, sweep, blade or blow all year round using the John Deere Front Mowers, with some featuring the only fully integrated, factory installed cab on the market.

Check out our Front and wide-area Mowers.

John Deere Golf Fairway, Surrounds & Greens Mowers

Check out the password-protected TechControl on our Fairway Mowers to limit operator variations by locking in mowing, transport & turning speeds.

Having refined our Trim, Rough and Surround mowers by listening to golf and sports turf maintenance professionals, we offer a range of reel mowers and rotary mowers that deliver outstanding results.

Our Riding Greens Mowers have the lowest ground pressure in the industry and are designed with technology to virtually eliminate a hydraulic leak. They offer exclusive offset cutting units to prevent  " triplex ring ".

John Deere X384 Ride-on Mower
John Deere 1600 Series II Turbo wide-area mower