Precision Ag Products Are Changing The Farming Industry

The rise in input costs and the volatility of commodity prices, continues to put unwelcome pressure on profit margins. Our precision ag products can help you manage the many risks that can have a detrimental impact on your yield.

Gone are the days of waste and over-application of seed, fertiliser and chemicals, the current economic and global environment just won't afford you that luxury.

Today's precision ag technology helps you modify the areas that cost you money e.g. tractor gps systems can help prevent overlap, combining them with section control can help you vary and refine your application rates to improve your bottom line.

John Deere's suite of precision ag products offer a solution to many of these issues and help control input costs, increase accuracy and improve efficiency. Some of the great tools available include:

Take a look at how John Deere Precision Ag Technology is putting solutions in farmers' hands.