Draper Headers For Combine Harvesters

Smooth, Consistent, Heads-First Feeding.

MacDon 5 Series Drapers are designed to provide a consistent feed in even the most difficult of conditions.

  • Providing a close reel to cutter bar relationship - A small critical gap between the reel fingers and cutter bar is maintained at all times to ensure a smooth feed over the entire width of the header.
  • Having an active float system - This allows for instant float-response over changing ground conditions.
  • Reel performance - Our reels offer 4 adjustable cam positions allowing you to select the position that best suits your conditions.

MacDon D65 Draper Header

Air Seeders, Air Drills and Tillage

There are many factors that influence the yield you are able to achieve when it comes time to sowing. The preparation of one of your key assets, your soil, and the system you use to do this, can have an important bearing on the outcomes you are able to achieve.

It only makes sense, then, that the system used to deliver your seed to ground is of vital importance and no one does it better than Bourgault.

Bourgault offers a great range for both soil preparation and sowing:

  • Air seeders from 550 bushels (19,400 litres) to 950 Bushels (33,477 litres).
  •  30 to 100 feet air drills in a variety of configurations.
  • Fertiliser applicators
  • Grain Carts

To find out more about Bourgault seeding & tillage equipment, go here.

Bourgault L6450AU Air Seeder
Bourgault 7950 Air Seeder
Bourgault 7700 Air Seeder